WOC Cookies - CCWOC and EWOCv2.0 (New!)


The Walnut Oatmeal Cookie, or WOC - the cookie  named after a rock becasue it's big and heavy (6oz),  Pronounced 'wock' as Elmer Fudd would say it.  All WOC's contain some Faith (my sourdough starter) for extra flavor.  


A revised Everything WOC Version 2.0 is back, or EWOC v2.0


The EWOC has inside evertyhing I think will taste good, whats on hand, and/or some interesting combinations I want to explore. It will be different everytime.


Version 2.0 is sweet, crunchy and smore-ish and peanutty in places.  Great with coffee. It has the following additions:





Corn Flakes


Dark Chocolate Chips

Coconut Flakes


Past flavors of WOC's:

CCWOC - Chocolate Chip (dark chocolate with cultured butter)

THWOC - Toll House version (the kind we ate as kids, nostalgic Nestle dhips and American dairy butter)

GRWOC - Golden Raisin (fruity with cultured butter)

EWOC - Everything



Best Pie in OC 2017,18,&19
Editor's Choice OC Weekly
KCRW Pie Contest Winner
OC Fair Blue Ribbon Winner