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Pie Class at Layer Cake Bakery 5/5 3-5p

Pie Class at Layer Cake Bakery 5/5 3-5p


May 5, Sunday 3p-5p

Apple Pie Class


Learn how to make the Sweetcie Pie pie dough, and make an apple pie with me. We will mix, roll, crimp, and bake! You'll take home your fresh baked pie and more pie dough. Of course, we will eat some pie. Refreshment provided by Layer Cake Bakery.


Please arrive 10 minutes early. Class will begin and end promptly. Bring your rolling pin, and an insulated bag and cold pack to transport your pie dough. Best to leave jewelry at home, tie or cover your hair, and bring an apron.


We have a lot to make and bake in 2 hours. To support Q&A after the class is over, please download the Instagram app and have an account if you wish to participate. We will use a group chat for our forum.


[The confirmation email item description has the correct times. Disregard the pick up instructions given in the same email. Those are intended for pie pick ups.]


If less than (8) participants sign up, the class will be cancelled and refunded. Customer cancellations less than one week prior won't be refunded unless a replacement can be found.

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