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  • What happens if I'm unable to pick up my order?
    Sweetcie Pie fruit pies may be enjoyed for several days without refrigeration. Your order will be kept at Layer Cake Bakery and will be available for you to pick up the next day. Keep in mind that Layer Cake Bakery is closed or closes early on some holidays. Refunds will not be given for abandoned pies.
  • How long will my pie keep?
    If consuming within a few days, keep your pie on the counter away from direct sun. If it is particularly warm (> 75 F) as in the summer months, store your pie in the fridge. If consuming on the 3rd or 4th day, store the pie in its box in the fridge. Remove the morning of and let it come to room temperature.
  • How do I freeze my Sweetcie Pies?
    If you are eating your pie over the course of a week, I recommend storing it in your fridge in the original box. However, freezing your pie is a great option if you are holding it to serve at a later date. Sometimes when you pick up your pie, it will be warm. Make sure that the pie is completely cooled before you begin. -Carefully remove the pie from the box, wrap it with plastic. -Return the wrapped pie to the box. -Place the box into the fridge. (no less than 2 hrs, no more than 4 hrs, if possible) -Place the box into the freezer. The process is just reversed when serving the pie. Start the night before serving. -Move the box to the fridge, overnight. -Several hours before serving, put the box on the counter. -Remove the plastic wrap and serve, or follow warming instructions. [Process explained: Prechilling the pie helps to preserve the filling texture. Defrosting in the fridge minimizes condensation. Keeping the plastic wrap on the pie while defrosting is important for keeping condensation on the exterior of the plastic and not on the pie.]
  • Where can I see customer reviews?  How can I leave a customer review?
    I've chosen not to manage a customer review area on the Sweetcie Pie site. Instead, check out Sweetcie Pie reviews on Yelp. I appreciate all the wonderful thank you's and comments I receive. The past customer reviews on the original etsy site are still there and can be seen here at
  • Do you make pies for weddings or events, and do you deliver?"
    Yes, and yes! Delicious homemade pies will add that extra touch to make your occasion unforgettable. Please submit a request with the event date to check availability. I will be happy to provide you with an estimate. I accommodate smaller orders on scheduled bake days, and can perform custom bakes for larger orders. Sweetcie Pie's largest order to date is a corporate event, 2400 individually packaged Party Pies. A 50% deposit will reserve the date, with the balance due 14 days prior. Volume discounts are not offered for our handmade pies. Delivery is available for a charge.
  • Regarding Nuts, Dairy, Eggs"
    Sweetcie Pie fruit pie recipes in general do not contain nut meats. However, there are a few explicit nut pies on the menu such as those that contain frangipane or Pecan Pie. Cherry pies contain almond extract and Amaretto liquor. The kitchen is NOT nut-free. If you have a serious nut allergy, it is not safe to consume Sweetcie Pie products. Butter is used in the making of our dough. Some of the fruit fillings may contain butter. An egg wash is used on most of our pies, except vegan pies.
  • Are Sweetcie Pie products organic?
    USDA Organic flours and grains from Central Milling are used for the pie and bread products at Sweetcie Pie. When Central Milling flour is not available, King Aurthur (not organic) flour will be used. Grains for fresh home milling are also sourced from The Tehachapi Grain Project and through the California Wheat Commision. The fruit is sometimes, but not usually USDA Organic, even those from the farms, though organic practices may be used. I source the best tasting fruit I can find that is also accessible and affordable for the business. For example, strawberries in winter months are purchased from Tanaka Farms, but during peak season they may be purchased from the grocery store (we live in Southern California, after all). Blueberries for Rose's Blueberry Pie come from Costco in the summer. Peaches are always from the framer's market, because other sources just don't cut it. The sour cherries (Michigan), Wild Blueberries (Northeast or Canada), Boysenberries (Oregon) come quick frozen from where they thrive and are plentiful. I often get apples at Sprouts or Wholesome Choice in Irvine.
  • How do you estimate the charge for delivery?
    The delivery charge is estimated using google Maps calculation for distance and travel time to your location. The charge is roughly $2.75/mi plus any toll expenses and time considerations made for difficult roads/neighborhoods (such as the Balboa Peninsula). Please make a request for an estimate.
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