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Pies, Bread, & More

What I Make

9" Pies

Serves 6-8

Double Crust and Crumbles

Apple, Cherry Amaretto, Blue Ribbon Strawberry, Summer Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb, Cranberry Mimosa, Pecan, Wild Blueberry, etc.


5" Pies

Serves 1-3

Individual or (4) Pie Sampler

Box.  The perfect size to share, ... or not.

$12-15 each

File Oct 15, 12 44 13 PM.jpeg

3" Party Pies

Serves 1

Sold by the dozen (12 pieces).  Great for for any gathering where guests help themselves to the dessert table.  Party favor cello wrap and bow available for additional charge.


Wedding Pie

Serves 50-70

Beautiful and delicious 5 tiers with fruit or flowers.  Construction in final location on site required.

Starts at $520


Sourdough Bread


Organic flours and house milled grains, naturally leavened with wild yeast, long cold fermented for great flavor.  Available through subscription.  Enjoy perpetual, organic sourdough.


This is Faith, the starter.

A bit of Faith is in every Sweetcie Pie item that will accept it, including pies, breads, WOC's.  Not only does it levan the bread, Faith makes everything more flavorful and digestible.

Gotta love Faith!

Hi! I'm Karen, your baker.

If you are here reading this, we probably have something in common  --- the love of good pie!

Pie is a simple dish, with few ingredients. Yet, the pie from any one baker is a very unique product.  I've tasted many delicious handmade pies, and each one is different.  That is because there are so many choices to make along the pie making process.  I’ve devoted a lot of time and thought about my choices for making pie.

I personally seek out the best tasting fruit and flours.  Sugar is restrained in each recipe to let the fruit shine.  Every pie has fresh milled sprouted grain, sourdough starter, and cultured butter in the crust for great flavor.  I rub and smear the fat and flour on a wooden board for a superior pastry texture.  The pies that I make for you reflect all my efforts for the most delicious pie.  I hope you’ll agree.  Check back often to see what's new online.  To keep in touch, follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter.

Friends Make It Possible

There are so many reasons why this small pie business can exist, making it possible for you to enjoy good pie.  They are the shop owners, growers, farmers, specialty  makers, distributors...


Strickland's Ice Cream*, Honeymee Harvard Place*, Layer Cake Bakery, Tanaka Farms, Mixed Bakery CDM, Crema Cafe, Penjoyan Produce, Ingardia Bros Produce, Sunny Cal Farms, Ken's Top Notch Produce, Circle K Ranch Fruit, Peterson Ranch, Ian FarmsPlugra Butter, Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, King Arthur Baking Company, Central Milling, The Tehachapi Grain Project, The King's Roost, The Farmhouse at Roger's Garden, Terrace by Mix Mix.

(*no longer open)

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