The Country Loaf

The Country Loaf


A classic wild fermented country loaf made with organic flours and grains, 10% fresh milled whole grain.  This is a crusty sourdough batard that has been cold fermented 12-18 hours for flavor and digestibility. 


Fermentation is aimed at a more flavorful and less sour crumb.  Wonderful fresh with good butter, or great for tartines and french toast.  Everyone will love this homemade bread!


A purchase of Sweetcie Pie bread supports the local grain economy through the Tehachapie Grain Project.


Weighs 800-850g.  Made with USDA Organic unbleached flour from Central Milling.  (If not available, then King Arthur unbleached flour.)  Contains flour, water, salt.

  • Storage and Keeping

    For a crispy exterior leave uncovered with the cutside down on a board or plate.  Enjoy within several days.  If eaten over a longer period, place in a plastic bag to maintain freshness on the counter or fridge for up to 7 days.  Slicing and freezing in a plastic bag saves your bread for toast for at least a month, or more.

Best Pie in OC 2017,18,&19
Editor's Choice OC Weekly
KCRW Pie Contest Winner
OC Fair Blue Ribbon Winner
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