The Country Loaf

The Country Loaf


A classic country loaf made with organic flour and grains.  10% whole grain, freshly milled by me, makes it extra delicious.  This is a crusty sourdough batard that has been cold fermented 12-18 hours for flavor and digestibility. 


Fermentation is aimed at a more mild and less sour crumb.  Wonderful fresh with good butter, or great for tartines and french toast.  Everyone will love this homemade bread!


Weighs 800-850g.  Made with USDA Organic unbleached flour from Central Milling.  (If not available, then King Arthur unbleached flour.)  Made with California grains to support the local grain economy. Contains wheat and rye flours, water, salt.

  • Storage and Keeping

    For a crispy exterior leave uncovered with the cutside down on a board or plate.  Enjoy within several days.  If eaten over a longer period, place in a plastic bag to maintain freshness on the counter or fridge for up to 7 days.  Slicing and freezing in a plastic bag saves your bread for toast for at least a month, or more.