Ridgedale Orchard and Vineyard Jams

Ridgedale Orchard and Vineyard Jams


I love the story behind these jams from Ridgedale Orchard and Vinyard.  Mike and Karen Horak sell their farm grown jams, syrups, and teas at the Irvine Farmers Market every Satruday at Mariner's Church.


So delicious! (Their recipes use 30%  less sugar.)  


For your convenience, I'm offering their jams in the shop for $10 each, but you can buy them for $9-$10 each yourself if you visit them at the market on Saturday.  (That's an incredible price for an incredible jam.  Similar farm fruit jams are $15 -$17.)


They have a ton more flavors including fig, peach, raspberry, and apricot.  The availability depends on the season.  They sell out often.   I also love their Sleep tea.  The Ridgedale Orchard and Vinyard online shop is here.