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Sweetcie Pie is offering

Pie Drop service only at this time.

We are going to Irvine and North Orange County on
Friday, 5/29.
Order for your own Pie Drop below.  Click on HOW for more information about how Pie Drops work.  Subscribe to Sweetcie Pie Happenings for more Pie Drop info.
- Be safe, stay healthy, Karen Uyeda

Pie Drops


(Please use the Pie Drop delivery service in place of the regular Pick Up Menu and custom pre-orders.)

Check back often.

The menu changes depending on availability.

I'm Karen, your baker.

If you are here reading this, we probably have something in common 

        --- the love of good pie!


Pie is a simple dish, with few ingredients. Yet, the pie from any one baker is a very unique product.  I've tasted many delicious handmade pies, and each one is different.  That is because there are so many choices to make along the pie making process.  I’ve devoted a lot of time and thought about my choices for pie making. The pies that I make for you reflect all my efforts for the most delicious pie.  I hope you’ll agree.  


I've only just started to tell you about me and pie.  For now, this will have to do as I build this online shop in between all the tasks of running a pie shop from my home kitchen.  Check back often to see what's new online.  To keep in touch, follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter.

Best Pie in OC 2017,18,&19
Editor's Choice OC Weekly
KCRW Pie Contest Winner
OC Fair Blue Ribbon Winner